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Do you wanna live for Christ or walk in the flesh

Chapter Eight Dr. Jay Snell Newsletter Feed and Free Bonuses Why these Five Offensive Weapons work Paul said that even though we walk in the flesh we do not war after the flesh. In other words, since we live in bodies of flesh, most of the things we do will be done in our bodies. If you mow the grass, you will do it with your body. If you wash a dish, you will do it with your physical body. Whatever you do, you do it with this robe of flesh. Then, Paul talks about Spiritual warfare. This is not done, however, in and by your fleshly body. 2 Cor 10:3-5 3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: 4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) 5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; (KJV) Although you live in this body, you are confronted daily with warfare from the devil, who tries to destroy your home, health, family, job and finances. The problem is the devil is a spirit. His power is spiritual, but he can do physical damage to your home, finances, health, body, family and everything else about you. How flesh defeats spirit force How, then, does the flesh combat a spirit problem? If you try to deal with a spiritual force with a weapon of flesh, you lose going in. There must be some way we Christians, who are also spirit beings but living in the physical realm, can deal with things of a spiritual nature when it comes against us. So then, Paul said that we Christians do not respond to a spiritual force with our flesh. How then, are we to respond to it. He said the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. The word carnal translates a Greek word which means flesh. Flesh and carnal mean the same thing. When Paul says "walk in the flesh," "war after the flesh" and "the weapons of our warfare are not carnal," he is using the same word. Carnal and flesh are the same word. You will notice that he used this same expression three times. (1) We live in the flesh (2) but we do not war after the flesh and (3) the weapons of our warfare are not flesh either. In other words, I may double up my fist and do a certain amount of damage even though the devil caused the problem. I must not resort, however, to a carnal or a fleshly weapon to deal with the spirit force that caused a person to want to punch me out, by hitting him first with my fist. Rather, I deal with the spirit that is motivating him. Then, I can shut him down so he won't hit me at all. One area where your fist is powerless You see, there are times when we must go to war. Many things war against the soul of a Christian. In First Corinthian 10:13, Paul talks about temptation. He said, "There has no temptation taken you but such as is common to man." When the average Christian is tempted, he throws up his hands and wants to quit. Because he is tempted, he equates the temptation with being guilty of committing the sin. Just because you are tempted does not make you guilty of anything. You must learn not to be bothered by temptation. If you stop serving God every time you are tempted by the devil, you will never do another thing for God. Paul said that your temptation is common to every man. Therefore, what tempts one man tempts all men. Any temptation you have, everyone has it. So, when somebody comes at you with his fist, we may double up our fist and counterattack, but when temptation comes, your fist is useless. Now, we must have a set of weapons with which we can victoriously combat and get rid of the devil and his demons. Paul said these weapons for Christians are not made of flesh. As long as you attempt to war against spirit forces with the flesh, you will be defeated all your life. You can not fight a spiritual battle with a carnal weapon. It will not work. Spirit forces are stronger than atom bombs. They are stronger than your fist. They are stronger than any club with which you can hit a guy. They are just more powerful. As long as you rely on your wits or your fleshly abilities, you automatically lose. So, Paul said that although we walk in this fleshly body, we can not deal with spirit forces through it. The weapons of our warfare are not flesh, but they are mighty. God has given us some mighty weapons to battle with. What is the source of their might? Look back at the verse. They are mighty through God. Many people think that things in religion have no power in them. They are right. Religion has no power. But we do not have religion, we have Jesus. This is not religion, this is a relationship. So, our weapons are mighty through God through this relationship with Jesus Christ. I have been backed in some corners in my life that, without the might of God operating in me and through me, I would have been overwhelmed, overpowered and destroyed. Have you ever been in a situation you absolutely could not deal with because it was bigger than you? We have all been in things like that. I have been in situations where there was no way out had God not intervened. I have been in situations where I would have been destroyed had God not gotten into the fray. But my weapons were mighty through God. The "Through God" Concept I want to emphasize the "through God" concept. Thomas Jefferson believed that God created this world, wound it up, set it on a shelf like a clock, backed off and has not touched it since. Now, He is just letting it run down after He wound it up. That is wrong. Through God, we can overcome. We are not on our own. We are not left to twist in the wind. God did not wind us up like a clock and just abandon us. He is active in our daily affairs and has given us weapons that are mighty through Him and not through yourself. Furthermore, these weapons are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. What are strongholds? They can vary. He did not name them on purpose because they can be anything that comes against you and the will of God being done in your life. Each person may have a different stronghold, but the power and weapons that God has given us over the Spirit world are mighty through God. They have the ability to pull down that stronghold. It does not matter what that stronghold is, the weapons you have been given can pull it down. How to be invincible The longer I live, the more convinced I am that if a man walks in the Spirit, he is absolutely invincible. Nothing in this world, no power or force on this earth, can beat him as long as he walks in the Spirit. The weapon he has will pull down any stronghold. In other words, he cannot be stopped. There is nothing on this planet that can sidetrack, derail or defeat him. It does not matter what kind of stronghold the devil throws at him. He has weapons that are mighty through God that can pull it down. In the next verse, Paul says the same weapon that pulls down a stronghold, also has the power to cast down imaginations. Imaginations is a Greek word that means ability to reason. We are too smart. Our greatest asset (our mind) is also our greatest enemy. In the Spirit realm, our mind is our greatest enemy because we want to figure things out and rely on our wits. Many times I have set up a scheme, walked it out, thought surely it was infallible and everything fell on its face. Why? I was trusting my wits and not God's Spirit. We must learn to get our minds under control. The hardest thing you will ever do is control your own mind. Thoughts will come that you think are your thoughts, but they came straight from hell. The devil will give you a thought that makes sense. You will think this is how we ought to do such-and-such. But you must say, "Thought, I cast you down in the Name of Jesus. I force you to submit to the Spirit of God. Thought, get out of my brain. Thought, get out because you are not the will of God." God gave us weapons that enable us to do that. I have problems with this area. I can figure things out. I can think things through. Then, I can't be persuaded that "I" am wrong. You can identify with this, can't you? We are all like this, aren't we? We will go off half cocked, without having all the facts, but our ego gets in the way. Because it is "I", "I" am not wrong. It takes a power greater than we possess to cast down our thoughts, get out of the way and say, "God, have your way in this matter." This mighty weaponry that God has given enables us to do it. The danger of ego One thing I am learning is to keep my ego out of the Spirit realm. The problem for all of us is to get our ego out of the way. We must learn that we are not always right. This is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life because everyone wants to be right. It does not matter what the issue is, once we speak on it, we want to be right. We want to be right even if it blows every relationship that we ever had. We want to be right. We will fight a circle saw. "Do not challenge me." We want to be right. But much of the time, you are not right. The Holy Ghost, however, is always right. When you operate with your mind, you will lose in Spiritual warfare. Rather, we must learn to operate in the power of Spirit weapons. Only these weapons will give you the power to cast down your reasoning process, subdue it and subject it to your spirit man. This can be done only through the power of the Holy Ghost. This is not a carnal ability. This is the ability of God doing it for us. These weapons also give us the power to "subdue every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and brings into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ." It is a necessity that I have a power that can subdue everything that exalts itself against my knowing God. Let that sink in a minute. There must be a weapon powerful enough to enable me to cast down and subdue everything that interferes with my knowledge of God (my ability to know God.) Knowing God is a must. Therefore, God gave us a Spiritual weapon that enables us to subdue everything that would get in the way of our knowing God. How many Christians know about God, but have never shut down their minds long enough to get alone with God and get to know Him? Try this with your husband or wife and see where you land. You will be in the divorce court in less than a month. You must spend time with one another. Just to know that you have a wife somewhere in the house is not enough. You must spend time with her so she can get to know you and you can get to know her. There has to be a knowing. Spiritual mind control You must shut your life down, get alone with God and let Him speak to you so that you and He can get to know each other. We get so busy sometimes. We do this and we do that. Sometimes, we are so busy, we cannot shut our motors down. We cannot stop them. We lie down to sleep at night and our motors keep right on running. Our eyes stay wide open, glued to the blackness of the ceiling. Your hectic pace prevents your knowing God. Consequently, you must have a weapon to combat this. God has given us weapons that enables us to shut our motors down. Things go on disconnect when you run on God's power. He will subdue everything that prevents your gaining this intimate, personal knowledge of God. I can not impress upon you too much the necessity of getting alone with God. You must let His ways, personality, mind, heart and spirit penetrate and permeate you, so that you blend with Him. Only His weaponry will do what you need. You have this power at your disposal. It will stop, subdue and subject all things that get in the way of your knowing God. This weaponry from God enables us to bring every thought into captivity to obey Christ. You can bring every thought into captivity and make it obey Christ. The Bible says we have the mind of Christ. I actually have the ability to think His thoughts. The problem is that when He is trying to think His thoughts in me, I want to think my thoughts. I also want to obey my thoughts. But the Bible says that God has given us the ability to force our minds to bring our every thought into captivity and make it a prisoner of Jesus Christ. Sometimes, I must tell my mind, "Get quiet, listen, stop, let God get in there, let Jesus think something through you." You have been given that ability. You have been given a weaponry that is mighty through God to enable you to force the very thought life in your brain to obey Jesus Christ so that the thoughts you have will be His thoughts. Get sick and tired of calling your own shots, charting your own course, being the captain of your own soul and the master of your own fate. Say, "Lord, no longer I, but Christ that liveth through me." Turn it loose and let it go. You have this power. Say, "Thought, obey Christ." You can command your thought life You can command your thought life. You can make your brain think what you want it to think. The weapons at our disposal will deal with all the things you need them to deal with. No matter what the devil throws against you, you have a weaponry to deal with it. Among others, these weapons are the Word, confession of the Word, the Holy Ghost, the name of Jesus and praying in the will of God. All of these things. But the point is, we have them. I want to impress upon you that we have these weapons now. God has given us a weaponry that is not flesh. Nevertheless, these weapons are mighty. He is the source of that might which enables us to do all the things mentioned in this section plus more. Therefore, get after it. Stop living a defeated life. Understand who you are and what you have. Start walking it out. Stop letting the devil kick you in the face and dictate to you. Your Five Offensive Weapons work because they are powered by God. Surely, everyone knows that God has more power than any demon or sickness the devil will ever throw at you. Copyright 1996 - 2012 Date Last Updated: July 17, 2012 PO Box 59 ¦ Livingston, TX ¦ 77351 936-327-3676

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Hello Friends and Family, My brother's and Sisters in Christ. I am posting the video below as the Sunday message this week because it is extremely important and I pray you enjoy it. I will still do the Sunday Blog Radio this week however I hope you'll still watch this very informative video. Let me know what you think of this I may start posting some really good ones from this ministry on this blog. Thank you Preacher Bill

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Today's (9/15/2013) Message is on Faith.

Hello and good morning everyone. I did a short message as I do every Sunday on Blog Talk Radio @ Preacher bill Gospel 1/2 hour. I Hope you get the chance to listen to that and maybe start following me on there as well as the wonderful video with music and Gospel teachings we create each week here at Spirit of Liberty. Thank you and hope you enjoy.